3 TV Shows I Can’t Get Enough of Watching (#3)

24 Jun

For this final installment, I actually have the benefit of having many more episodes to go before I finish. I was also hesitant to put this show on the list because of that fact because with the other two I have watched every available episode and know that I still want more. There have been other shows that I have liked into the 3rd season and they have fizzled out quickly after that (i.e. The Office, Scrubs) and I am currently finishing up the third season of this show that is #3.

#3 Dexter

The deciding factor that had me put this show on the list was that even if the show fizzles out after this season (which from what I have read it won’t), it is such an effective and different concept for a TV show that it is worth a high recommendation. The show is about a serial killer, Dexter, who works in the Miami Police Forensics Department as a blood analyst. He witnessed his mother murdered at a young age and it left him psychologically scarred. He is adopted by a Miami Police Detective who notices his psychological disorder and knows that while he cannot be changed, he can be trained. Dexter is then trained to kill only “those who deserve it” and uses his knowledge of forensics to cover his crimes. He tries to blend into society by faking social niceties and having a girlfriend, who he has trouble relating to because of his lack of emotion. His strong code of twisted ethics is constantly challenged by those who merely annoy him and those who try to interfere with his vigilante justice.

I haven’t ever seen a show make such an intriguing anti-hero. Listening to his monologues on society and his own inability to relate add such a twist on traditional narrative that it is hard not to want to delve more into Dexter’s world. His inner struggle is one of the best tensions in the show; it leaves the audience wondering if the monster inside is really as bad as it claims and whether he can eventually become the facade that he puts on.

Don't mind me, I am just reading the paper and plotting how to kill you.

The show provides some incredibly genius dark humor (such as when Dexter asks a couple he is about to murder for relationship advice, or when he takes milk from the refrigerator of someone he just killed to bring home to his girlfriend). Somehow, the writers and director created an environment that, while disturbing when you take a step back, is easy to get guiltily lost in.

Michael C. Hall, who will probably be forever known for this role, plays the part to perfection and there is no one else that I could see playing Dexter any more effectively. The soulless look in his eyes behind the forced smile is something that is very hard to replicate. The acting in the rest of the show isn’t that great, especially his sister, Deb (who I have no idea how she got picked for this part and I want to punch every time she comes on the screen), but Hall more than makes up for it.

I am halfway through season three and can’t get enough of this show.  I can’t wait for my Netflix (best thing ever), to deliver the next discs and then I can get into Season 4.


2 Responses to “3 TV Shows I Can’t Get Enough of Watching (#3)”

  1. Brian Sostak June 24, 2010 at 11:10 am #

    Season 4 of Dexter is the 2nd best season of a television series I’ve ever seen behind Season 5 of The Sheild; a lot in part because it has the 2nd best season finale I’ve ever seen (also behind Season 5 of The Shield). Do yourself a favor and go into the season blind; it’s much better if you don’t read any spoilers, even as small as character descriptions. I can say that Deb has just as much focus if not more in Season 4 though, sorry. And if you didn’t know already, she is the wife of Michael C. Hall; which may contribute to her still remaining on the show.

  2. Chris Petersen June 24, 2010 at 1:15 pm #

    Unfortunately, Pac, I inadvertently read what happens in the Season 4 finale in a 50 most shocking TV moments article, but it will not dissaude me from seeing it.

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