A Quick Note

12 Jul

I have had a lot of requests to do different types of blogs and am working to tackle not only requests, but also other lists that I started over a month ago. As for the My 20 Favorite Films coutdown, I am terribly behind on that and the next installment will be #11 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid when  I can get around to watching it again. That was a film I hadn’t seen in a while so I didn’t want to write the article without having given it another look. I will most likely do the same when I get to “Apocalypse Now”.

“Invictus” was the winner of the next film that I review and I will do that as soon as I can as well. The fairness of the poll has come into question as well. A certain sister-in-law called challenge to the results of the poll and much lik how she is still upset about losing in Trivial Pursuit due to a disputed answer, my response to her is “Get over it and move on. You lost, deal with it.”

Thanks for your patience with the blog and I will try to get around to the different requests as soon as I can.


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