REVIEW: Predators (2010)

14 Jul

REVIEW: PREDATORS (2010) * 1/2 out of 4 stars.

Wow, thank God it was $5 movie Monday when I saw this. I went into this film wanting so bad to like it because I had heard so many good things about it and I liked the first Predator movie, but none of the rest after it. I thought that the film had promise, especially since Robert Rodriguez seemed to be the perfect director for this kind of movie. However, I left the theater extremely disappointed. While I knew this would be the type of film where my mind would have to be on standby, I didn’t think that it would be so bad to the point  that it expected me to shut it down completely.

“Predators” starts out great, launching us right into the story with Adrien Brody (since you don’t find out his name until later), falling from the sky onto an unknown planet. He is soon greeted by other strangers and it turns out that they are all various types of assassins or killers, with the exception of a mysterious doctor (Topher Grace). They soon find out that they are on an alien hunting ground and need to adapt quickly in order to survive. I could say that there was more to the plot, but there really isn’t.

I thought the opening 20 minutes were great and suspenseful, hitting the ground (literally) running and creating an eerie mysterious atmosphere and some great visuals. Adrien Brody, even with 20 added pounds, didn’t make a great action star, but I was willing to suspend my disbelief there (gotcha Rodriguez, mind is on standby). Lots of ammo wasted in the first 30 minutes, okay, I can deal with that, it’s just a fun summer movie. Then, came the kicker, the female assassin figures out what the creatures are and even tells everyone how they are beaten; you put mud all over your body to block your heat signature. I expected everyone to right away find any mud they could and cover themselves with it. Instead, they go, “Ohhhh, that’s cool,” and completely ignore her. Even the girl doesn’t heed her own advice. I could understand if they left one person uncovered as bait so they could find out more about the predators, but instead they just all stay fully visible with their heat signatures. Maybe I missed something, I hope I did (even though everyone that I was with couldn’t see why they didn’t do it either), but all I could think about the whole movie is that they know how to beat them and they just are too lazy or something to do it until almost all of them are dead. It’s like having a wound that is very clearly going to get infected, but not wanting to go grab the rubbing alcohol to clean the wound because it is on the other side of the room and then complaining that it is getting infected.

From there, it is all downhill. They meet a crazy and overweight Laurence Fishburne and several useless plot devices are introduced, such as there being two breeds of feuding Predators and one of the most boring samurai sword fights I have ever seen. I think if I hadn’t been so put off by the fact at how stupid they were and how they deserved to die I think I would have been entertained, but my brain just could not shut itself completely down to care about these people.

Also, I was pissed off because I counted seven different people throughout the movie who were texting on their phones and it was distracting. This one guy in front of me had a full blown twenty minute text conversation on his phone during the movie. He had his phone open the whole time. I was able to read it over his shoulder and the guy was catching up with an old friend or something about his lack of  life .Who does that during a movie? There is a special layer of hell reserved for people who text or talk on cell phones  during movies (unless it is a total emergency and if that is happening you should probably leave the theater or it isn’t that much of an emergency).

So, for all of these aforementioned reasons (some cinematic some due to texters) I did not enjoy Predators. I will still probably go see the sequel that it got left open for because I do still hold out hope for a gritty version of the Predator franchise that will bring it back to its full potential.


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