Why Jon Hamm should be the next Superman

15 Sep


Jon Hamm as Don Draper


Unless you are a hermit living out in the mountains of Montana without access to television or any sort of media, you have heard of the show “Mad Men“. The main appeal of that show is the character Don Draper, played by Jon Hamm (GQ’s Man of the Year). If you have watched the show, at some point it is bound to cross your mind that he looks like he could be Superman.

Recently it has been rumored by un-named, but supposedly reliable, sources that Jon Hamm is being considered to play the role of Superman in the upcoming “trendy, gritty reboot” of the series, which is being written by David S. Goyer and produced by Christopher Nolan. But, apparently one of the setbacks to him being cast is the issue of his age. He is 39 now, which is more than 10 years older than both Christopher Reeves and Brandon Routh were when they took on the role and producers are worried that Superman would lose some zest with age and that it would be hard to franchise with an aging star.

I think that is a load of crap because Superman doesn’t really need to have a specific age. Jon Hamm has not only the look for the role, but the ability to bring some depth to the character and the series. Plus, he has shown that he can play both the powerful man and the naive man (which the Clark Kent alter ego would require) as witnessed in his performance as Dr. Drew Baird on 30 Rock.

He even wears glasses on occasion.


The other setback in his casting is that he may not be interested. In an interview with MTV back in February he said this about possibly playing Superman:

“It’s a tricky road to go down with some of those heroes, because they’re not flawed. Superman is Superman — he’s invincible, so where’s the drama?”

This is how I pictured him during the interview, and you know you did too.


While he did not outright say he wouldn’t do it, he hints that he would want the role to be fleshed out more. I think that with Goyer writing and Nolan producing, they could present him with the type of Superman role he might be interested in playing.

What are your thoughts? Is Hamm too old for the role? Do you even think this reboot is a good idea in the first place?


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