Jason Bourne Could Be Coming Out of Hiding….but not as Matt Damon

6 Oct

I might be the only one, but I think the Bourne series has run its course and cinematically it ended where it should have. I mean, Bourne unraveled the mystery of who he is, he found the agency where it all started, took it down and now everyone thinks he is dead. He can live his life in peace and that was a totally badass ending to the third installment, which would make a great ending to the franchise.

Rumors have been flying around about a fourth installment of the Bourne franchise and whether or not it will see the light of day. Well, it is not for sure yet, but Hollywood is trying as hard as they can to bring it back and they have already signed a new director, Tony Gilroy (Michael Clayton and writer for all the previous Bourne films) and given it a name, The Bourne Legacy. Okay, I can see that. I mean, Michael Clayton was decent and he has proven he is a great writer for the series, but here is the kicker:

Matt Damon

will not return to the franchise unless Paul Greengrass, director of the second and third installments, returns to direct the fourth.

You might think that Universal would hesitate at continuing without the famed actor, who was spectacular in this role, but instead they said, “Well, there’s the door.”

To which Matt Damon said, "Jason Bourne doesn't use the door."

Already, by saying that to

Matt Damon

they are sending the message, “We don’t care about quality, just make us some money.” The quality of fourth installments are usually already on thin ice, but Universal is jumping up and down on the thin ice while wearing combat boots.

George Lucas actually digs a hole in the ice and jumps right in.

I didn’t have much faith in a fourth installment of this franchise, and what little I did have just got dashed. Let’s hope that Universal wisens up and either takes Damon back or forgets the project and leaves the actual legacy of the Bourne franchise to the first three films. What are your thoughts?


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