More Bourne Legacy Nonsense

21 Oct

Some of you will remember my scathing opinion about the next Bourne movie not having Matt Damon, but here is something even more ridiculous…..according to, it will not have Jason Bourne. I don’t know which is worse because on the one hand I don’t want to see Jason Bourne played by anyone other than Damon, so it was like Tony Gilroy, writer and director, addressed that issue. But, getting rid of his character entirely and still entitling it The Bourne Legacy seems even more preposterous.

Originally, this fourth installment was supposed to be based on the fourth book in the series, which was the first one not written by Robert Ludlum. So, I was even willing to give Gilroy grace in pursuing a fourth film because it was based on a book. Now, they are  throwing that idea out the window and still keeping the same name, but writing a new script for a new assassin. Their logic behind this was to be able to leave Damon the option of returning to the series if he wanted to. Based on the scope of terrible ideas that seem to be flowing out of this project, this will kill any interest Damon might have had if they had just brough back Paul Greengrass to direct.

This is Matt Damon turning his back on the franchise.

What are your thoughts? Is it worth the risk to keep Damon on the line? Or should they just let the franchise die?


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