10 Days of Halloween: Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers

27 Oct

Joe Chappelle and Daniel Farrands had a lot going against then when they began the creation of this film.  Let’s recap:

  • Halloween 5 provided the mythos of Michael Myers with some sort of supernatural ability and explanation that killing his entire blood line would put him to rest 
  •  Jamie’s fate is not fully explained in Halloween V
  • Everyone (including Chris) is dying to know who the mysterious man in black is
  • Grunge music was really popular in 1995

All of that being said, Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers does pretty well with what it has to work with.  The Movie opens up with Jamie, approximately 16 or 17 given time between this film and Halloween V, giving birth to an unexplicable child.  After Jamie and her newborn child escape her kidnappers, Michael is released upon the town to kill Jamie and retrieve the child.

Meanwhile, The Strode family is living in the previous home of Michael Myers, unbeknownst to everyone but their a**hole father.  Next door to the Strode family lives Tommy Doyle (Paul Rudd), and when Tommy overhears Jamie’s phone call to a radio program asking for help Tommy tracks down the newborn son of the now deceased Jamie (thanks to Michael of course).

Oh yeah, he gets Dr. Loomis to help him too

 Are you still following me?  Good.  Now, with baby in hand, Tommy finds Kara Strode and her son Danny at the old Myers home and tells them to take the baby and hide in his house (yeah, next door.).  Tommy suspects that some ancient curse requires Michael to kill everyone in his blood line and it occurs on Halloween because of the alignment of some stars to make a constellation that only shows up every few years during Samhain (a.k.a. Halloween).

Eventually we discover who the man in black is, the big reveal of this movie, and it is a major letdown.  I’m sure it was because of the demand to tie ends from the previous film, but this movie would have worked a lot better without the cult angle.  Say instead Jamie survived and like any teenager on an MTV reality show, she thinks she’s in love and gets knocked up.  She has a baby and the next time the thorn constellation appears, Michael comes back to claim her and her child.  This sounds much better than some cult controlling Michael, because Michael is much scarier when he appears uncontrollable (SPOILER ALERT: he is uncontrollable).

Much like the resulting blood spatter.

In an attempt to tie together all the loose ends from the previous film, Halloween 6 created some pretty glaring plot holes of its own.  However, if you can overlook them this is not a terrible horror movie.  The pacing of this film is much better than most, the acting in this film is not as bad as some other installments in the series (III & V to be more precise), and the suspense of Michael’s terror is at its highest since the Halloween II.  I wish they would have used less light on Michael, he’s a creature of the shadows and he appears less menacing when there are bright flourescent lights on him; but now I’m nitpicking.  Also, the iconic score is often replaced with guitar riffs.

It is also worth noting that this is the last appearance of Donald Pleasence prior to his passing, so the film is worth watching for that reason alone (though he’s only briefly on-screen).

Look for Chris’s review of Halloween: H2O, a film he’s sure to enjoy more than the past two Halloween films he was stuck with.


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