10 Days of Halloween: H2

31 Oct

Happy Halloween everyone!  We’ve finally made it here, through 9 films from arguably the greatest horror franchise to ever grace the screen.  It is a shame that we have to end on such a sour note.

Rob Zombie follows up the original Halloween reboot with H2. At first glance this film appears to be a direct remake of Halloween II, with Laurie in the hospital and Michael showing up to exact his revenge.  However, Laurie awakens from a dream and H2 actually takes place one year after the events of the first film.  Laurie is now living with the Brackett family and Michael has been missing since he was shot by Dr. Loomis.  Laurie begins acting out, mirroring more of the lifestyle of the Myers family from which she came.

Meanwhile, Michael is living in the woods, recovering from the injuries he sustained in the first film.


And Growing A Ridiculous Beard



Michael begins having hallucinations of a younger self and of his mother, encouraging him to return to Haddonfield to kill again on Halloween.  Michael follows the orders of his visions and begins to kill again in search of Laurie.

Now that the synopsis is out of the way, let me begin my review: this film sucks.  Rob Zombie completely butchers everything that the Halloween franchise stood for and turned this film into more of the shock and gore that is his other films.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed The Devil’s Rejects and I love House of 1,000 Corpses, but this franchise is not those movies and you can’t mess with the fundamental elements of Halloween, no matter how much you want to make the film your own.

Laurie is not a reflection of her messed up family and brother, she’s exactly the opposite.  Halloween in its purist form is good vs. evil; in Rob Zombie’s world everything is evil.  Also, Michael Myers is who he is because his actions are inexplicable, when you start using psycho babel to explain why he kills, you kill your movie.  You would think Zombie would have learned from the poor acclaim of the 4-6 films; but if at first you don’t succeed.


And where's the mask? Why the Beard?



What H2 does do well is tip its hat to Halloween II and its sequels, sometimes even at the expense of this film.  In H2 the viewer is treated to Michael coming to life in the ambulance, attacking the hospital, and having a psychic connection to a relative (Laurie this time and not Jamie).  The highlight of this film’s performances again were McDowell and Dourif (horror’s greatest male icon) but Scout Taylor Compton falls short of Jamie Lee Curtis once again.

Finally, not to spoil the film for anyone, but I want to speak briefly about the ending (no spoilers).  I understand why Zombie ended the film the way he did, it was a cute wink that you often see in today’s slashers, but like I said before it completely ruins the mythos of the franchise.

So now we’ve come to an end of our 10 Days of Halloween.  A tip of the Shatner mask to those of you who’ve stayed with us through the entire series, and I hope you enjoyed the Halloween season.


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