Steve Carell to Produce Mail Room Comedy on NBC

2 Dec

According to, Steve Carell will not be straying far from television after his departure from The Office at the end of this season. NBC has bought a new single-camera project that will be written by Carell that revolves around a small town post office and the eccentric group of friends that frequent it. The show, which as of now carries the temporary title of The Post-Graduate Project, is based on Carell’s time that he spent as a mail carrier before he launched his acting career.

I think this is a great project for Carell to undertake. Based on the writing that he did for 40 Year-Old Virgin, he has proven that he has a knack for relatable comedy. From interviews and stories, it is clear that he is a very down-to-earth guy and this seems like a great way to channel that into a show that has both depth and humor, like The Office was in its second and third seasons.

What do you think? Will this be another successful project for Carell? Or should he just stick to acting?


One Response to “Steve Carell to Produce Mail Room Comedy on NBC”

  1. Dad December 3, 2010 at 9:06 am #

    Steve Carrell at times can be very funny, but much of his humor falls flat with me, especially those with sexual inuendos. As a writer/producer, though, this series could suit him very well. I know you are a big fan of Office, but I actually thought his role was a little of as compared to the other actors. Perhaps as a writer/producer, he might provide a more cohesive story with very interesting and more realistic characters. I might be willing to try this series.

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