My 3 Favorite TV Shows This Fall (Beer Blog)

3 Dec

Now that I have sufficiently ranted about the TV shows that have forced me to the bottle:

Even if it has been a most delectable bottle.

I will now discuss some shows that have done their darndest to revive this lackadaisical Fall TV Season.

#3 The League (FX Thursdays @10:30 EST)

When I first saw previews for the first season of this show I said, “How the heck are they going to make a show about a Fantasy Football league?” I completely ignored it until I saw that it had been renewed for a second season and it made me curious how it had been popular enough for a renewal. I watched the first episode of Season Two and I hardly stopped laughing the whole time and I almost immediately went out and bought the first season on Blu-ray. Three hours and all six episodes later:

And after a couple of these...

I finished the first season and had a new show to add to my list of favorites.

The show is deceptive in its title because the actual Fantasy Football League only serves as the backdrop for these hilarious characters to interact. What is great, is that while the predicaments the characters get into are outlandish, the characters are very relatable. It also helps that I am part of a Fantasy League and can relate to those stories and jokes as well. The second season has been consistently funny and I can’t think of an episode that I thought was not up to the par of the first season. If you haven’t seen it, or were skeptical about it like I was, check it out, but just like It’s Always Sunny, if you are easily offended, you might want to avoid it.

#2 East Bound and Down (HBO Sundays @ 10:30pm EST)

Let me start off by saying that this season was nowhere near as funny as the first, but, that being said, it succeeded on a level that the first season wasn’t able to. It actually brought depth (as much as they could) to the character of Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) without losing his sharp (or dull depending on how you look at it) tongue and cocky attitude. Will Ferrell and Adam McKay were worried when they first started the show that they wouldn’t be able to get people to root for someone as shallow as Kenny or be able to make the character progress without losing what actually makes the show funny.

The second season brought Kenny to Mexico and back again which gave him some time to reflect on his actions in the States and also to pursue a life in the world of cock-fighting. While  a couple of episodes wandered a bit, and I thought that they over played the part of Stevie Janowski, overall I thought the season was very well done as we follow Kenny’s anti-hero journey of self discovery. There were some great cameos and I thought that even though the jokes were just a little more stale, it was still maintained a consistent level of humor that other shows weren’t able to provide.

I'm looking at you 30 Rock.

#1 Modern Family (ABC Wednesdays @9pm EST)

What can I say? I love this show. The delightful mix of characters and great performances make it clear why it won the Emmy Award for Best comedy. The way that the characters interact really is like watching a real family and they always find some way to hit home on relational issues at least once an episode without making it look contrived or forced. I really hope that they can secure another Emmy or Golden Globe this year because it remains one of the freshest shows on TV and provides a well needed mid-week laugh in its current time slot.

Modern Family: As refreshing as Terrapin Hop Karma

After I finished writing this list, I realized that there were no dramas currently listed on here. Maybe I don’t watch enough of them, but it really seems like a lot of dramas are floundering in clichés and struggling to find ideas, except for Mad Men (which I didn’t include because it starts mid-summer). My favorite Fall drama on TV, House, while it has never really disappointed me, isn’t really up to the level that it used to be. Plus, the show has been invaded by a 12 year old girl who always looks like she is about to cry.

Psst...get off my show!!!

Dexter, Boardwalk Empire, and The Walking Dead have all struggled from either poor writing or lack of direction. So, yes, this season the comedies are reigning supreme and I propose a challenge to dramatic television….STEP UP YOUR GAME!!!


3 Responses to “My 3 Favorite TV Shows This Fall (Beer Blog)”

  1. Julie Petersen December 3, 2010 at 10:50 am #

    I watched a few episodes of The League when it first started on the air and thought it was funny. Jeremy thought it funny but didn’t invest the time in watching more episodes so we just let it fall by the wayside. The parts of episodes I’ve seen this season still make me laugh but I don’t have a league of my own or have man parts so it’s not as relatable to me. I do disagree with your 30 Rock assessment, however. I always think it’s hilarious, more often than The Office, sadly. Modern Family still remains one of the funniest shows I’ve ever watched and I have gotten Jeremy to watch with me this season (success!). I think one of the characters that really carries that show is the hot Columbian chick whose name escapes me. Also, yes, House is sadly failing and reminds me why I don’t purchase all it’s seasons to watch over and over again. I very much liked your inclusion of beers. If you had posted Miller or Budweiser, we would have found a way to kick you out of the family, somehow.

  2. Rob September 16, 2011 at 1:20 pm #


    I recently noticed that you were using a photo here that belongs to me. If you would like to continue using the photo, I don’t mind. Just be sure to attribute the source of the photo to with a link to the review of this particular beer h Anchor text can vary depending how your attribution appears on your site.

    Currently, you link and attribute the photo to your own site.

    Thank you for your prompt attention. Please forward me the appropriate link after updates have been completed.




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