Ice Cube is Keeping Himself Busy

16 Feb

The headlining news from the Ice Cube camp is that he is in negotiations to join the cast of 21 Jump Street.  If he were to join the full length feature adaptation of the popular ’80s televsion show that launched the career of Johnny Depp, he would be cast as the precinct captain.  Since the film will follow the series plot about a group of undercover cops that infiltrate schools, it seems to be one of the few logical roles for Ice Cube in the film.  However, the film also boasts stars Jonah Hill (27) and Channing Tatum (30), two actors a little too far removed from the halls of high school themselves.

21 Jump Street is hardly the end of the list of upcoming projects for Ice Cube.  Also in the works is Chrome and Paint, Cube’s next directorial effort.  Chrome and Paint will feature the subculture of “tricked out cars” featured in L.A. and will boast a cinematic style similar to Boyz N’ The Hood, Ice Cube’s feature debut.  It’d be nice to see Ice Cube shy away from the family friendly comedies he’s been focusing on the past six or seven years; however, it is hard to imagine a Boyz N’ The Hood style drama about tricked out cars, it seems like something that could easily turn into the next Torque…

Or a gritty Snoop Dogg video


Third on the long list of upcoming Ice Cube projects is a crime film in the same vein as Dirty Harry, starring the former rapper.  The film will be directed by David O Russell, and will be produced by New Line Cinema and Cube Vision (Ice Cube’s entertainment company).  This film will reteam Cube and David O Russell for the first time since 1999’s Three Kings.  David O Russell’s short filmography speaks for itself (Three Kings, I Heart Huckabees, The Fighter) and as long as Ice Cube doesn’t reach for the action star role like he did in XXX: State of the Union, this could be a great venture.

And maybe not too much like a Dirty Harry film

Finally, Ice Cube will be producing a biopic about his politically charged 80s hip hop group NWA.  Not much is currently known about this upcoming project but the script is currently being penned by Andrea Berloff (World Trade Center).  It seems that the biopic craze has hit the hip hop genre with Notorious in 2009, the Antoine Fuqua directed Tupac biopic, and now an NWA film in the works.  At least Hollywood picked three of the most interesting artists in the genre to feature on the silver-screen, let’s just hope they don’t take it too far.

I thought they already did an NWA biopic


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