**Trailer Time** Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Teaser Trailer and The Big Bang

25 Mar

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

I have to admit that I was kind of bored by the first part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, but it was still pretty good and set up the expectation for the finale. I have been waiting for a more in depth trailer for Part 2, but instead of a full length trailer Warner Bros released a shorter, teaser trailer that plays out more like a featurette:

I’m a little disappointed because they didn’t show a whole lot of footage that wasn’t already in the original trailer for both parts of the film. While hearing the actors and director talk about how exciting the final installment will be, whetted my appetite a little, it didn’t do a whole lot to get me talking more about this and didn’t leave me much to comment on. It’s still definitely one of my most anticipated films of the year, but it probably has fallen a bit more on that list due to some awesome trailers from Captain America and X-Men: First Class.

The Big Bang

I have mentioned several times that I am into film noir, so when I heard about another noir film coming out I was stoked. The Big Bang stars Antonio Banderas, William Fichtner and Sam Elliot and follows Banderas’ character as a private detective hired to find a missing woman. Sounds like a classic noir situation: the cynical detective seeks to help a mysterious woman, and it is never clear who the good guys or bad guys are, he just makes his own way with salty dialogue, some pistols and lots of beatings. Here is the trailer (RED BAND: CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE):

I have seen two trailers for the film and this is the better one. The other one makes it look like a weird mish mash of L.A. Confidential, Drive Angry and sci-fi. So while there are two trailers making them look like entirely different films, I am still intrigued by a new noir film and the cast is decent, so there is certainly some promise.


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