Is Ghostface Dead for Good?

26 Apr

It is no secret my love for horror films and the Scream franchise in particular.  Going to the midnight showing of Scream 4 and watching Ghostface terrorize a new group of teens, as well as some franchise favorites, may be my movie-going experience of 2011.  That experience may take on a bit more nostalgic importance now that Scream 4 appears to be the last installment of the current franchise.

As far as modern horror films, particularly as far as sequels and slashers go, Scream 4 was a cut above the rest.  Arguably the best Scream film since the original (though Rotten Tomatoes suggests Scream 2 is superior), Scream 4 revitalized the self-aware and all but replaced the panned Scream 3.  However, money talks in Hollywood and Scream 4‘s poor box office showing thus far has left the future of Scream 5 about as promising as one of Ghostface’s victims.  Rumor is that Dimension plans on ending the Scream franchise here, for the moment.

Well I guess that answers that one.

 For a franchise that reveled in being “meta” and depending on its irony to keep the viewer engaged, it is being dealt a bit of irony itself.  The disappointing revenue from this latest Scream film support the trend that horror remakes have a much higher rate of success than franchise sequels, suggesting that if we do see Ghostface again on-screen it will be in the form of a remake.  Isn’t this exactly what Scream 4 was trying to avoid by mocking the current craze?

If there is, in fact, no Scream 5 in the future, let’s hope that the Weinsteins and Dimension let the franchise rest without a reboot.


One Response to “Is Ghostface Dead for Good?”

  1. 2blu2btru April 26, 2011 at 1:17 pm #

    I wasn’t going to see this, especially after suffering through a bit of Scream 3 on demand, but since you say it’s the best since the original, I will try and catch a dollar movie showing.

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