**Trailer Time**: “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” & Steven Spielberg’s “War Horse”

30 Jun

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

The Mission: Impossible franchise and I have a love-hate relationship. The first film was one of my favorite action films of the 90’s and I loved how it wasn’t so much about Tom Cruise being a badass, as it was him getting a team together and working with them to pull off some really stealthy missions. Except for the end, there weren’t a lot explosions and gunfire, the suspense was created in them not being caught. Mission: Impossible II was an atrocity. Instead of stealth, we had lots of them getting caught and fighting their way out, plus some ridiculous motorcycle kung-fu.

It was a John Woo film, I don't know what else I would've been expecting.

The film could’ve been done without a “team” because Tom Cruise just did whatever he wanted and kind of asked his friends along to watch. The third film got the franchise back in my good graces because it mixed the two styles up and also added some great characters as well. Phillip Seymour Hoffman was by far the best villain that the series had.

Here we are at the fourth film. Tom Cruise is getting old, so Jeremy Renner is teaming up with him in what is rumored to be a “passing of the torch”. When I watched this trailer, it seemed more like the second film. There were lots of random explosions, people sliding across floors with guns, and now Simon Pegg’s character has a gun too. So, it already looks like Pegg won’t be helping the team too much from behind the computer, and is getting in on the action.

Even though he's proved he's pretty good at it before.

While I will still definitely see this film, because the trailer could be deceiving and it has an awesome stunt at the end, I am just a little skeptical. However, I still hold out hope that it at least returns to the tone of the third one. I like the fact that they are going back to the “disavowed” list like the first film, because it was best when they had to improvise with the resources that they had, and didn’t have some big company to fall back on.

War Horse

Steven Spielberg is trying to bank on the Christmas season, with not one, but two wide release films, both including a young male protagonist and an animal. The first is The Adventures of Tintin, but now he just released the trailer for his epic War Horse and it looks beautiful, even if it does look a little sappy and I’ve never been a fan of horse films.

Especially you, Hidalgo.

 The book, upon which it is based, is a poignant look at war and friendship during World War I, as a horse is separated from his young master and moves through various phases of the war, encountering several different people on different sides.

I think that Spielberg is a great pick to direct this film, and I absolutely love the visual style that is employed. I just hope he can capture the emotions that the book portrays, but Spielberg rarely fails at that.

In case you missed it, here is the trailer for The Adventures of Tintin:


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