Opening This Week (12 Aug 2011)

10 Aug

Rise of the Planet of the Apes took the #1 spot at the box office this past weekend, grossing $54.0 million, which is the 5th highest August opening weekend of all time. This came as a surprise to me, since many people seemed skeptical about the remake/reboot of the series. The Smurfs, the second place finisher, trailed far behind with $20 million, and Cowboys & Aliens dropped more than 50% to $15.7 million. Here are the contenders this week:

30 Minutes or Less

Rated: R

Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Aziz Ansari, Danny McBride, Nick Swardson

Director: Ruben Fleischer

Synopsis from IMDB: Two fledgling criminals kidnap a pizza delivery guy, strap a bomb to his chest, and inform him that he has mere hours to rob a bank or else…


Chris’ Take: Comedies are pretty hard to get a good read on ahead of time, mainly because they almost always put their funniest parts in the trailer. I am interested in seeing it because I like almost all the actors involved and Ruben Fleischer direct the great Zombieland, but I am not necessarily “excited” about it, especially when it is holding at 54% on RT right now. I’ll let you know how it is next week.

Final Destination 5

Rated: R

Starring: Nicholas D’Agosto, Emma Bell, Miles Fisher

Director: Steven Quale

Synopsis from IMDB: Survivors of a suspension-bridge collapse learn there’s no way you can cheat Death.


Chris’ Take: The Final Destination franchise is an interesting novelty, and the only impact it has had on my life is that I think of it every time I end up driving behind a truck that is carrying copious amounts of logs. Other than that, they are forgettable and each one provides even more and more cheap thrills. I would’ve never though that they would make it to #5, especially since the last one was entitled THE Final Destination, but here we are. I think this will flop both critically and in the box office, but we’ll see. No early reviews yet, which isn’t a good sign.

Glee: The 3D Concert Movie

Rated: PG

Starring: Lea Michele, Corey Monteith, Amber Riley, Chris Colfer

Director: Kevin Tancharoen

Synopsis from IMDB: A concert documentary shot during the Glee Live! In Concert! summer 2011 tour.


Chris’ Take: Glee  used to be clever at one point, it lost it about halfway through Season 1 and I stop paying attention any time these people open their mouths to sing. More power to you if you want to go watch them sing and take more of your money because it is in 3D, but this movie does not appeal to me at all.

The Help

Rated: PG-13

Starring: Viola Davis, Emma Stone, Bryce Dallas Howard, Octavia L. Spencer

Director: Tate Taylor

Synopsis from IMDB: A look at what happens when a southern town’s unspoken code of rules and behavior is shattered by three courageous women who strike up an unlikely friendship.


Chris’ Take: The early reviews have been positive, 74% on RT, and I’m pretty sure it will be decent and inspiring, but it isn’t necessarily my cup of tea. So, while I might say that this film would be a safe bet for a  film this weekend, I am not saying that I am interested in seeing it.


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