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First Look at Superman in “Man of Steel” and Selina Kyle in “The Dark Knight Rises”

5 Aug

Yesterday, the first picture of Henry Cavill as Superman in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel was released, and it looks pretty impressive.

He definitely looks a lot darker than Brandon Routh in Superman Returns, plus he looks a lot more jacked. The outfit looks fairly traditional, with a couple of updates to make it appear more modern. While I am hesitant to get my hopes up for this film, I gotta say that I at least like the look so far.

Another photo popped up yesterday as well, this one from another major superhero release next year, The Dark Knight Rises. This is probably one of the most buzzed about movies that I can recall, and Christopher Nolan seems to be taking delight in teasing his fans with mysterious looks at the final installment of his Batman franchise. The photo is a first look at Anne Hathaway playing Selina Kyle:

While the fan boys were all excited about Superman in Man of Steel, the buzz about this photo is very confused. The Dark Knight Rises website did not mention whether this was Selina Kyle in the final Catwoman outfit, and if it is there was a lot of disappointment about it. If it is, I don’t mind it so much. While it is less traditional, I trust that Nolan will make her compelling character, so the outfit is easily overlooked. If it isn’t, it makes me curious what they are going to add and how it will turn out.

What are your thoughts about these photos? Is that a good look for Superman? What about Selina Kyle? Let me know in the comments!


**Trailer Time**: “The Dark Knight Rises” Teaser Trailer, “Contagion”

18 Jul

The Dark Knight Rises

Christopher Nolan has been using the internet to his advantage to spread the mystery about the next and final installment in his Batman trilogy. He’s posted small, yet confusing clips and cryptic pictures of his characters. There are multiple stories about what the plot will be and the teaser trailer before Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 did nothing to clear the water. I will let you come to your own conclusions after the trailer, but my opinion is that this film just continues to build anticipation and that if this is anything less than amazing people will be disappointed. I have a lot of faith that Nolan will not let his audience down.


The next trailer on our list today is Stephen Soderbergh’s next film, Contagion, starring Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Marion Cotillard and Laurence Fishburne. The film revolves around a strain of virus that spreads and kills the infected within days. The story seems to focus more on the panic and crumbling of structure than the actual fighting of the virus, kind of like a zombie film without the undead roaming around for brains. I think this one looks pretty strong as well and will probably put this on my list of most anticipated films this Fall.

What are your thoughts and comments about these trailers? Good/bad?

Trailer Time: John Carter, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, and The Thing

14 Jul

There is a lot we’ve yet to post this week and will be coming to you soon (New to Blu Ray, 2 Take Two’s, and a WFR), we promise.  However, I thought that this took precedent as a lot of new trailers have been released on the internet, one making quite a buzz.  Here’s a look:

John Carter

I’m not too familiar with the series of novels from which this film is derived, but there have been a lot of people petitioning for this film in one way or another for about 8o years.  There seem to be a lot of elements from other films and stories including: The Book of Eli, Prince of Persia, and Avatar.  The director/writer, Andrew Stanton has had a pretty succesful run of animated films for Disney/Pixar so it will be interesting to see if he can translate that success to live action.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows 

I’ve been waiting for Guy Ritchie’s follow up to 2009’s Sherlock Holmes since I first saw it in theaters and we finally get a first look here.  In fact, I look forward to anything Guy Ritchie directs.  Though Daniel Day Lewis won’t be appearing as Professor Moriarty as originally rumored, Jared Harris seems suitable as an alternative, and the cast still remains stellar.  One face that is featured prominently in the trailer is Noomi Rapace, who seems to be making her breakout in America with Sherlock Holmes and Prometheus after her turn as Lisbeth Salander in the Sweedish version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and its 2 sequels (Rooney Mara will play the same role in David Fincher’s American version later this year).

The Thing

The prequel to arguably the greatest horror movie ever made (though I’d argue against it, but not strongly), 2011’s The Thing chronicles the expidition of the Norwegian team that’s heavily referenced in John Carpenter’s 1981 film of the same name.  It appears from the trailer that they stayed true to Carpenter’s version and made sure the details of this film matched the references from his film.  One subtle not I noticed from the trailer, they even made sure to keep the old school flamethrowers that Carpenter featured. Even though it’s sure to be heavier on the blood and gore to appease the new generation, this film looks like it could be a worthy successor to the original.


If you haven’t heard by now, the first teaser for the highly anticipated The Dark Knight Rises will preview prior to screenings of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.  So far only bootlegged versions of the teaser are on the net and the quality of them are poor, so I won’t include it here.  Nothing about the plot of the film is revealed the teaser but it does include brief glimpses of Bane, Selina Kyle, and Commisioner Gordan in the hospital. 

Where Does Hugo Strange Fit in The Dark Knight Rises?

26 Apr
Late last year we kicked off a flurry of The Dark Knight Rises rumors with speculation on who the villain would be for Nolan’s third installment.  We now know for sure that both Bane (Tom Hardy) and Selina Kyle/Catwoman (Anne Hathaway) will both be involved in the plot, but at the time the popular rumor was that Hugo Strange might make an appearance.  These rumors have since fallen off with the announcement of Bane and Catwoman, as well as additional rumors of Talia Al Ghul, The League of Shadows, and Alberto Falcone.  However, the Hugo Strange rumors ramped back up this past week thanks to My Entertainment World.

An unconfirmed plot synopsis for the next Batman film hit the internet including a plot line for Hugo Strange.  In this synopsis, Dr. Hugo Strange, a villainous psychiatrist, concocts a a plan to destroy Batman and ultimately replace him.  Though Strange will appear as a villain with similar motivations in the upcoming video game Batman: Arkham City, this plot line seems to fit nicely into Nolan’s universe and gives the film a more intellectually formidable villain opposite Batman.  It could also explain Bane’s presence in Gotham as he was created by Hugo in the comics. 

This, however, can never be explained

I’m still not convinced that Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard’s characters are as advertised and I think it’s possible Nolan and Co. could be intentionally leading us astray with some of these announcements and/or rumors.  I’d personally like to see Gordon-Levitt play a villain like Strange as opposed to an “ambitious cop”, as Strange appears to be a character with much more depth and importance.  However, we’ve seen villain over-kill in superhero films before so the inclusion of a third opposition to The Dark Knight must be handled with care.

What do you think, is everything “as advertised” with The Dark Knight Rises or are we purposefully being fed false rumors and announcements?  Would you like to see Hugo Strange in this next Batman film given what we already know about Bane and Catwoman?  The Dark Knight Rises is slated for release July 20, 2012.

Batman Reboot Already in the Works

30 Mar

It seems these days, in the age of the reboot, that a franchises last film isn’t even able to make it to the network television circuit before it is already being rebooted.  Tobey Maguire hasn’t even been able to live down his future “Dancing with the Stars” audition tape in Spiderman 3 before Marvel cast Andrew Garfield to play The Amazing Spiderman in 2012.

Actually he may never live this down

If that wasn’t bad enough, Warner Bros. has announced that they are already interested in going back to Bruce Wayne’s origins and rebooting Batman.  Not only is interest in the caped crusader at an all time high due to the success of The Dark Knight; but Christopher Nolan’s third and final film in the franchise, The Dark Knight Rises, hasn’t even begun shooting.  However, Christopher Nolan and his producing partner/wife Emma Thomas will remain attached to the Batman reboot as producers, suggesting that Warner Bros. is interested in maintaining some continuity with the saga, or at least maintaining the quality that we’ve come to expect from the current Batman franchise.

If it weren’t for Nolan and Thomas’s involvement in the reboot I would find this announcement extremely disrespectful to Nolan and all those involved in the current Batman trilogy, instead I find it just mildly obnoxious.  With the upcoming release of Thor and Captain America, it seems that Warner Bros. is attempting to keep the potential of a Justice League movie in its sights; and with this being the last Batman film for Christopher Nolan and star Christian Bale, the WB needed to be prepared.  Regardless, it would be appropriate for the company to be more focused on the current Batman film in production than looking past it for a potential reboot.  The Dark Knight Rises is possibly the most anticipated comic book movie of all time, and with fans of the series chomping at the bit for next summer’s release, you’d think Warner Bros would concentrating all Batman efforts on making this the best (fiscally and critically) film possible.

They should just use this film's title and make a double reboot

Executive Jeff Robinov has stated that they are aiming for a 2013 team-up of the Justice League on-screen, and if this were a realistic goal then it would make sense for them to be considering a new Batman at this point.  However, The Green Lantern is just making its debut this summer, and Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot won’t hit theaters until December 2012; additionally, Justice League members The Flash and Wonder Woman have proposed motion pictures but aren’t yet in development.  To go the marketing route of The Avengers, Warner Bros would have to release a motion picture for each of these four superheroes and reboot Batman into a new film before releasing a Justice League movie in 2013, impossible.

As a final thought, here’s a suggestion for following up the current Batman trilogy.  Rather than reboot the franchise with a new Bruce Wayne and a re-telling of the origin story, why not pick up where Nolan leaves off.  With Christian Bale not returning for a fourth film either; you’d have to re-cast Batman, but not necessarily Bruce Wayne.  At two separate instances in the Batman comics Dick Grayson, formerly Robin and Nightwing, has taken up the Batman mantle.  Once after Bruce Wayne’s “death” and once after his back was broken by Bane (a villain in Nolan’s upcoming film).  It might anger a lot of fans of current and past Batman films to see someone other than Bruce Wayne parading as the Caped Crusader, but it would maintain continuity within the franchise and eliminate some of the stigma of a reboot.

What do you think?  Do you find it justifiable that Warner Bros. is already considering a Batman reboot a year before TDKR is released?  Do you want to see a Justice League movie in 2013?  How would you like to see the Batman legacy carried on in film?

Quick Take: Amy Adams to play Lois Lane

28 Mar

On cue coming out of the weekend is our DC Comics/Warner Bros. casting news of the week.  After speculation going into the weekend that Michael Shannon is in consideration for an unidentified villain in Superman: Man of Steel, possibly the most anticipated role (aside from Superman himself) has been officially cast.  Amy Adams (The Fighter) will play famed reporter Lois Lane in Zack Snyder’s adaptation releasing next December.

Amy Adams is an inspired choice for the role and beat out a list of many other high profile actresses that included: Diana Argon (Glee), Malin Ackerman (Watchmen), Kristen Stewart (Twilight), Rachel McAdams (Wedding Crashers), Kristen Bell (Forgetting Sarah Marshall), Jessica Biel (The A-Team), Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World), and Olivia Wilde (House).  Amy Adams will be yet another high powered name added to the picture and will join fellow Oscar nominees Kevin Costner and Diane Lane.  Adams is coming off an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her role in The Fighter


Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s role in The Dark Knight Rises announced

21 Mar

Coming off a weekend where box office numbers indicate that no one was really interested in the movies (Limitless finished #1 at 19 million), presumeably because the nation has been consumed with March Madness, we transition into the week with some big news coming from the Nolan camp.

Speculation has been swirling since the announcement of Inception star Joseph Gordon-Levitt to the cast of The Dark Knight Rises as to which role he would play in Nolan’s third and final installment to his Batman trilogy.  Worst Previews (aka Variety) is now reporting that JGL will in fact play Alberto Falcone in next summer’s blockbuster.  This casting does not come as a huge shock to those following the film closely, as it was previously reported that Levitt would be playing a villain.

We Can See the Resemblence

Including Alberto Falcone in the next Batman film creates another link back to Batman Begins and further suggests this film to be the concluding chapter in a trilogy.  Alberto’s father, Carmine Falcone, was an antoginist in the first film and was sent to Arkham at the hands of Batman (before being drugged by Scarecrow).  For fans of the comic, Falcone’s role also suggests the story may incorporate parts of The Long Halloween, which features Alberto Falcone as the Holiday Killer, tells the origins of Two-Face (seen in The Dark Knight), and has an appearance from Selina Kyle.

Also referred to as "the long Halloween"

Surely the plot of The Dark Knight Rises will stay under lock and key, likely until a full-length trailer is released for the film.  However, with the casting fully taking shape, Warner Bros. and Nolan are succeeding flawlessly at keeping this the most anticipated film of 2012.