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First Look at Superman in “Man of Steel” and Selina Kyle in “The Dark Knight Rises”

5 Aug

Yesterday, the first picture of Henry Cavill as Superman in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel was released, and it looks pretty impressive.

He definitely looks a lot darker than Brandon Routh in Superman Returns, plus he looks a lot more jacked. The outfit looks fairly traditional, with a couple of updates to make it appear more modern. While I am hesitant to get my hopes up for this film, I gotta say that I at least like the look so far.

Another photo popped up yesterday as well, this one from another major superhero release next year, The Dark Knight Rises. This is probably one of the most buzzed about movies that I can recall, and Christopher Nolan seems to be taking delight in teasing his fans with mysterious looks at the final installment of his Batman franchise. The photo is a first look at Anne Hathaway playing Selina Kyle:

While the fan boys were all excited about Superman in Man of Steel, the buzz about this photo is very confused. The Dark Knight Rises website did not mention whether this was Selina Kyle in the final Catwoman outfit, and if it is there was a lot of disappointment about it. If it is, I don’t mind it so much. While it is less traditional, I trust that Nolan will make her compelling character, so the outfit is easily overlooked. If it isn’t, it makes me curious what they are going to add and how it will turn out.

What are your thoughts about these photos? Is that a good look for Superman? What about Selina Kyle? Let me know in the comments!


Christopher Meloni Joins the ‘Man of Steel’ Cast

27 Jun

Christopher Meloni, of Law & Order: SVU fame will be joining the increasingly impressive cast list for one of next years most anticipated films Man of Steel.  Meloni recently relinquished his longtime role on NBC’s popular drama and looks to be making a smooth transition back into full length features.  Accompanying Meloni in the next Superman film will be Henry Cavill, Michael Shannon, Amy Adams, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Russell Crowe, and Julia Ormond.

While Deadline announced the news on Friday, they did not have any insight into which role Meloni would play.  This of course lead to various speculations, the most obvious being that he would possibly play Lex Luthor.  However, Latino Review is now reporting that Meloni’s role would be as a general.  No other specifics were released about the role, like whether this general would be Human or Kryptonian, but that does suggest that the role of Lex Luthor is either absent from this film, or still up for grabs.

Meaning Mad Men fans will still be petitioning for this to happen

As far as Christopher Meloni’s role is concerned, I have my own speculation.  There is one military General already well established within the Superman lore, General Sam Lane.  In addition to being a high ranking military officer, Sam Lane also happens to be Lois Lane’s father.  His involvement in a fight against a Kryptonian invasion led by General Zod (Shannon) would provide more conflict and emotional depth to the Lois Lane character (Amy Adams) and possibly also provide emotional conflict for Superman (Cavill).  With every casting announcement I get more and more excited to see this film, and it is closely battling Ridley Scott’s Prometheus for my most anticipated movie of 2012.  Man of Steel is directed by Zack Snyder and is scheduled for release in December of 2012.  Now excuse me, I’m gonna go fondle my sweaters.

Fondue Cheddar!

Why it Would Suck to Live in Smallville

13 May

Tonight marks the series finale of the longest running sci-fi program in television history, Smallville.  It’s been over ten seasons and 200 episodes but tonight fans finally get to see Clark don the red cape and seize his destiny.  Though the show is not without its flaws, it is on the CW, witnessing the fully imagined origin of The Man of Steel has been a fun and adventurous ride.  While the show has relocated to the city of Metropolis, the first 4+ seasons primarily took place Clark Kent’s home town of Smallville, Kansas.  One of the charms of Smallville is getting lost in the universe created on-screen and imagining existing within it.  Every boy grows up dreaming he were his favorite superhero, and Superman is mine, and I still can’t help but wonder what it would be like to live in Smallville.  However, recently I rationalized that hope and decided that it would actually totally suck.

#5: You’re not Superman

If anyone has ever told you how they wished they lived in the Smallville universe, what they probably really mean is “it would be cool to be Superman”.  However, in a town that was populated with 45,000 residents, odds of you winning the Superman lottery are pretty slim.  Living in a town whose primary exports are corn and meteor rock would pretty and not having some super powers like x-ray vision would pretty much suck…

Who needs laser vision, super speed, cooling breath, or super strength?

…But more on that later.

#4: You don’t have super powers

Okay, so you’re not Superman, but plenty of people in Smallville were “infected” by the meteor rock, resulting in them gaining a unique super power.  Especially in the earlier seasons of the show, many episodes featured a new character, often an antagonist, who was granted ability by their exposure to kryptonite.   Some of the infected citizens of Smallville include:

  • Coach Arnold (started fire with his mind)
  • Desiree Atkins (super-pheromones)
  • Jake Pollen (breath underwater)
  • Alicia Baker (teleportation)
  • Ian Randall (multiplicity)

See, so you don’t have to be some alien from Krypton to have super powers in Smallville.  Unfortunately all of these “Super Freaks”, as they were affectionately known, had one thing in common; they were antagonists.  Aside from all of his abilities and his alien heritage, there was one more very important contribution to Clark becoming the Man of Steel – his adoptive parents.  They’ve actually covered this point extensively within many episodes, but in case you don’t watch the show (or have forgotten), let me remind you that it would take a lot of goodness and an incredibly strong will not to abuse your powers.  Most metahumans in the Smallville universe end up using their powers for selfish gain and end up either irreversibly damaging themselves or others to the point that Clark has to interfere and send them to the looney bin.  Hell, even Clark himself is at a constant struggle within not to abuse the variety of abilities that come along with his birthright. 

Pretty sure this isn't what Jor-El had in mind.

#3 You don’t know Clark Kent

Okay, so you’re not Clark Kent and being a “meteor freak” would only be cool until you got caught, but not everyone on Smallville has powers.  Plenty of primary characters on the show were normal human beings with no special ability what so ever:  Jonathan and Martha Kent, Lana Lang, Lois Lane, Chloe Sullivan, and Pete Ross.

Unless getting kidnapped and whining are super powers

You know who else in Smallville, Kansas is normal?  The 44,800 other people who aren’t infected and aren’t friends with (or related to) Clark.  Therefore, if you didn’t win the Superman lottery your odds of winning the Supermans’ BFF lottery are only slighty better.  Not that being Superman’s best friend is a job we’d want anyway.  All of the aforementioned characters are constantly getting themselves into some sort of trouble that requires Clark’s extraterrestrial abilities to resolve.  In season 1 alone, Lana Lang is kidnapped, has her identity stolen (literally), infected by meteor rock (multiple times), hit by an exploding gas pipeline, and gets trapped in a tornado.  Not to mention the love triangle between her, Clark, and Whitney taking their toll on her emotionally, because Clark continuously stands her up to save people (usually his other friends).

Seriously, what a jerk

Maybe Lana would have a little more patience if she knew why Clark was taking off all the time, but she didn’t.  None of Clark’s friends knew of his super abilities, because he and his parents knew the responsibility of bearing that secret.  They were right too.  Eventually each of Clark’s closest friends learned of his secret and none of them could handle it.  Pete tried to get Clark to help him with his problems a few times before having an emotional breakdown and moving away.  Lana tried dating Clark for a while before having multiple emotional breakdowns every episode and ultimately moving away.  Chloe joined forces to help Clark, and a wealthier yet less impressive hero in Oliver Queen before having an emotional breakdown and moving away.  Lois I won’t mention for S10 spoilers (but it has something to do with an emotional breakdown…).  Martha Kent had a midlife crisis (close to an emotional breakdown), became a U.S. Senator, married a washed up journalist, and moved away.  The only close friend or family member of Clark’s who didn’t have an emotional breakdown was his father, he just died instead.

#2 Your Job Sucks

Let’s recap.  You’re not Earth’s greatest protector, you don’t know him, and you don’t have any super human abilities (and if you do you’re in jail or a mental hospital).  Still, living in Smallville and a universe with superheroes and super villains is pretty cool; sure would make the news a lot more interesting.  It’s a shame you live in Smallville, a farming town.  Take a look at the ‘Welcome’ sign pre-meteor shower…


I don’t know about you but I don’t want to be a farmer.  Early mornings, hard manual labor, and pedaling crops for money are all among the things I try to avoid when hitting the job market.  The show clearly depicted the hardships the Kent family went through to keep their farm profitable and capable of feeding their family, and they had a super powered son to do their chores. 

Working on a farm isn’t the only occupation available in Smallville, you could work for Luthercorp; because working the most evil father son duo on the planet is a much better alternative.  Maybe you could even start your own business, like the Talon.  You know – the old movie theater that Lana Lang’s Aunt owned, which she restored to a coffee shop and was eventually bought out by Luthercorp.

#1 Natural Disaster/Death

What if you hate your job now, or you’d actually enjoy farm labor or working for the most evil man on the planet?  That brings us back to living in a universe of superheroes, that’s still pretty cool.  Too bad you live in Smallville, Kansas where it’s a toss up between which is a more frequent meteorological event – tornados or meteor showers.  Not the meteor showers you stay up late to be disappointed by as a child by either…

More of a ‘both your parents got crushed by an enormous space rock’ kind of disappointed.


It’s a wonder how the population of this town grew from 25,000 to 45,000 since the first meteor shower with all of its citizens dying by some super powered “meteor freak” or some crazy alien-induced storm.  Now that I think about it, this does answer one lingering question I’ve had for a while…

Why build a second high school if it’s just going to get ripped to shreds

Quick Take: Some Superhero News for All Us Fanboys

11 Apr

Welcoming us after this weekend is a trio of superhero news to kick the week into full gear…

Edgar Wright & Joe Cornish have Written Ant-Man:

In order for an Ant-Man film to be successful, there has to be a great creative team working on the project.  Ant-Man is one of the quirkier and less-known superheroes of the Marvel franchise so relying on name recognition won’t be enough to draw the average movie goer.  Fortunately, Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish are part of that creative team as they have recently submitted a 2nd draft of their Ant-Man script to Marvel.  Edgar Wright is the creative mind behind Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World while Joe Cornish is making his feature writer/director debut this year with Attack of the Block.  Hopefully, in addition to writing the script, one (or both) of these men will also be involved as director.  This could be one of the most fun superhero adaptations to come to the big screen.


Tim Miller to Direct “X-Men Origins: Deadpool”:

In the tradition of Fox studios, they continue to make questionable decisions regarding the X-Men franchise.  After X-Men and X2 the franchise has completely taken a turn for the worse with X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  This summer we’ll see if Matthew Vaughn can right the ship with X-Men: First Class; but even if he can another disaster is likely to follow.  Recently, Darren Aronofsky backed out of directing the 2nd Wolverine film (smart) leaving the film without a director, and the other origin story no one cares about is X-Men Origins: Deadpool.  With Ryan Reynolds still attached, apparently Fox still cares (sort of) because they’ve named Tim Miller their director.  This will be Tim Miller’s directorial debut with all of his previous film experience being in visual effects.  Just what we need, another director who thinks good story telling is about explosions…

This is what I think about story structure!


General Zod has been Officially Cast:

One of the biggest questions surrounding Superman: The Man of Steel has been who will be cast to play the lead villain General Zod, well this weekend we got our answer.  Other names surrounding the role have been Viggo Mortensen and Daniel Day Lewis, but the Kryptonian general will be played by none other than Michael Shannon.  Shannon was rumored for a villain role in the film but the part was not specified until he was officially cast as Zod.  Shannon is a fantastic choice for the role, an Oscar nominated actor who has recently delivered some strong performances in Revolutionary Road, The Runaways, and Boardwalk Empire among others.  Shannon will join the star studded cast including: Ashley Judd, Kevin Costner, and Amy Adams (oh yeah and some guy named Henry Cavill will play Superman).


Batman Reboot Already in the Works

30 Mar

It seems these days, in the age of the reboot, that a franchises last film isn’t even able to make it to the network television circuit before it is already being rebooted.  Tobey Maguire hasn’t even been able to live down his future “Dancing with the Stars” audition tape in Spiderman 3 before Marvel cast Andrew Garfield to play The Amazing Spiderman in 2012.

Actually he may never live this down

If that wasn’t bad enough, Warner Bros. has announced that they are already interested in going back to Bruce Wayne’s origins and rebooting Batman.  Not only is interest in the caped crusader at an all time high due to the success of The Dark Knight; but Christopher Nolan’s third and final film in the franchise, The Dark Knight Rises, hasn’t even begun shooting.  However, Christopher Nolan and his producing partner/wife Emma Thomas will remain attached to the Batman reboot as producers, suggesting that Warner Bros. is interested in maintaining some continuity with the saga, or at least maintaining the quality that we’ve come to expect from the current Batman franchise.

If it weren’t for Nolan and Thomas’s involvement in the reboot I would find this announcement extremely disrespectful to Nolan and all those involved in the current Batman trilogy, instead I find it just mildly obnoxious.  With the upcoming release of Thor and Captain America, it seems that Warner Bros. is attempting to keep the potential of a Justice League movie in its sights; and with this being the last Batman film for Christopher Nolan and star Christian Bale, the WB needed to be prepared.  Regardless, it would be appropriate for the company to be more focused on the current Batman film in production than looking past it for a potential reboot.  The Dark Knight Rises is possibly the most anticipated comic book movie of all time, and with fans of the series chomping at the bit for next summer’s release, you’d think Warner Bros would concentrating all Batman efforts on making this the best (fiscally and critically) film possible.

They should just use this film's title and make a double reboot

Executive Jeff Robinov has stated that they are aiming for a 2013 team-up of the Justice League on-screen, and if this were a realistic goal then it would make sense for them to be considering a new Batman at this point.  However, The Green Lantern is just making its debut this summer, and Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot won’t hit theaters until December 2012; additionally, Justice League members The Flash and Wonder Woman have proposed motion pictures but aren’t yet in development.  To go the marketing route of The Avengers, Warner Bros would have to release a motion picture for each of these four superheroes and reboot Batman into a new film before releasing a Justice League movie in 2013, impossible.

As a final thought, here’s a suggestion for following up the current Batman trilogy.  Rather than reboot the franchise with a new Bruce Wayne and a re-telling of the origin story, why not pick up where Nolan leaves off.  With Christian Bale not returning for a fourth film either; you’d have to re-cast Batman, but not necessarily Bruce Wayne.  At two separate instances in the Batman comics Dick Grayson, formerly Robin and Nightwing, has taken up the Batman mantle.  Once after Bruce Wayne’s “death” and once after his back was broken by Bane (a villain in Nolan’s upcoming film).  It might anger a lot of fans of current and past Batman films to see someone other than Bruce Wayne parading as the Caped Crusader, but it would maintain continuity within the franchise and eliminate some of the stigma of a reboot.

What do you think?  Do you find it justifiable that Warner Bros. is already considering a Batman reboot a year before TDKR is released?  Do you want to see a Justice League movie in 2013?  How would you like to see the Batman legacy carried on in film?

Quick Take: Amy Adams to play Lois Lane

28 Mar

On cue coming out of the weekend is our DC Comics/Warner Bros. casting news of the week.  After speculation going into the weekend that Michael Shannon is in consideration for an unidentified villain in Superman: Man of Steel, possibly the most anticipated role (aside from Superman himself) has been officially cast.  Amy Adams (The Fighter) will play famed reporter Lois Lane in Zack Snyder’s adaptation releasing next December.

Amy Adams is an inspired choice for the role and beat out a list of many other high profile actresses that included: Diana Argon (Glee), Malin Ackerman (Watchmen), Kristen Stewart (Twilight), Rachel McAdams (Wedding Crashers), Kristen Bell (Forgetting Sarah Marshall), Jessica Biel (The A-Team), Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World), and Olivia Wilde (House).  Amy Adams will be yet another high powered name added to the picture and will join fellow Oscar nominees Kevin Costner and Diane Lane.  Adams is coming off an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her role in The Fighter


News from the Rumor Mill: Michael Shannon a Villain in Man of Steel

25 Mar

Today marks the opening of Zack Snyder’s newest film Sucker Punch and with the early reviews being brutally scathing, it’s possible this rumor was leaked intentionally to keep the hype for his next project, Superman: Man of Steel, positive.  Between Superman and Batman, Warner Bros seems to have new villain casting news every week; and while this news is more speculation than last week’s announcement of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s role in the The Dark Knight Rises, it is fulfilling its duty of keeping me excited about Superman.

OMG!!! It's a bird...

According to Deadline, Michael Shannon (Boardwalk Empire, The Runaways, Revolutionary Road) is reportedly a strong contender for a villain role in the upcoming Superman movie.  The role was not specified but so far all speculation has been that Zod will be the primary villain.  Earlier rumors had Viggo Mortensen and Daniel Day Lewis in contention for the role of Zod, but those rumors have quieted; could Shannon now be the primary contender for the Kryptonian General?

No matter what role Michael Shannon will occupy in this film, it appears to be a promising choice.  Shannon is a veteran actor whose name has flown under the radar for some time – suggesting he can carry a villainous role without overshadowing Superman and the other supporting roles in the film.  Shannon would be a suitable replacement to the other high profile names attached to the Zod role, but it is possible the interest in him is for a second villain.  One wonders what he would look like bald?

My Guess is a Lot Like Him...