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7 Dec

MOVIE TITLE:                        CHRIS                 PAC


  • The Green Hornet                       B-
  • The King’s Speech                     A                                A
  • True Grit                                       B+                              N/A
  • The Black Swan                          A                                A                        
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly    B+                              B+
  • Megamind                                    A-                              A/A+
  • Due Date                                       B                                B+
  • Paranormal Activity 2                 B                                B+


All Films (Alphabetically)

  •  A-Team, The                          B-                               B+
  • American, The                         B+                            N/A
  • Buried                                       A                              N/A
  • Crazies, The                             B                                B+
  • Despicable Me                        B+                            N/A
  • Dinner for Schmucks             C+                            N/A
  • Easy A                                    A-                              B+
  • Get Him to the Greek              C                                C+
  • Inception                                 A                               A
  • Invictus                                   B+                            N/A
  • Last Exorcism, The                C-                             N/A
  • Let Me In                                A                               C-
  • My Soul to Take                    D                               D
  • The Other Guys                     B+                              B
  • Piranha 3D                              B                                B-
  • Predators                                C-                               C
  • She’s Out of My League      C                                B-
  • Social Network, The              A                               A
  • The Town                               A-                              A-
  • Toy Story 3                            A-                            N/A
  • Youth in Revolt                      B                                B